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 wanting to join - sonfromhell

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PostSubject: wana join guild   Fri Mar 06, 2009 3:30 am

add me to u r lvl 44 startd playn 6 days ago i play 24/7......hopin to join ur guild cyall in game
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PostSubject: Re: wanting to join - sonfromhell   Fri Mar 06, 2009 5:10 am

@ sonfromhell

unfortunately, i have to say "no" to your guild application as your in game experience is not enough to warrant accepting you to the guild. we require people to have had a good solid 3 months of experience playing the game. this is in no way a slight to your skills as a player. it is just you personally have not experienced what the game has to offer and the different classes and their advantages and disadvantages. enjoy the game and have fun with it, explore what it is this game has to offer and join parties to go dungeon hopping.

this guild is a guild that pride's itself in knowing their characters inside and out . knowing how their characters function solo or in a dungeon party. as with your six days experience, you lack that fundamental knowledge of your class and in game mechanics. this refusal for acceptance to the guild is by far not a permanent one. in the future, i am sure that i or anyone in the guild would meet you again, we can then re-assess your skills and experience. until then i am sorry to say that we can not accept you to the guild.

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wanting to join - sonfromhell
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